In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

Many companies, facilities, government agencies and others already have emergency preparedness plans in place. We commend them for that — awareness, planning and diligence are keys to preserving life and protecting property. However, for these plans to be impactful and effective, they must be reviewed and updated regularly. Critical Path Solutions provides professional assessments of your disaster preparedness plans that help you identify weak areas and revise them now, before it’s too late.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Whether or not your staff attended any type of threat preparedness training when you developed your first emergency preparedness plan, you likely put a lot of time and effort into identifying risks and listing your objectives in protecting lives, property and data. Doing your homework is never a waste of time — all this information is crucial to have.
However, over time, changes take place that can affect your risks as well as your objectives, and that’s why it’s important to get regular professional assessments.

Disaster Preparedness Consultant

As experts in the disaster preparedness field, our experience is valuable to our clients. We sit down with you and go over your emergency plans, looking for flaws.

For instance, you may have a security system installed for the purpose of keeping intruders out of your building. If you have a lot of turnover at your facility, what you may have now are dozens or even hundreds of people who still hold working key cards that allow them into your building.

Whenever an employee leaves, it’s important to notify your security company so they can take the necessary steps to prevent their card from being used again to access the building.

If your company started out as a small business but has grown to having hundreds or even thousands of clients, you may need to boost your cybersecurity measures. What was not attractive to hackers before might be now.

You may face new threats from flooding or fires that weren’t a problem before. If you operate a government building, you may receive bomb threats or other threats of harm.

Update Policies & Strategies

Over the years, new and better security measures become available. This is the time to upgrade to these improved products and methods — if you wait, you will be more vulnerable to hackers and intruders than other companies and buildings.

You may also overlook simple things, like fire extinguishers being out of date, exits not being kept clear or employees leaving doors propped open when they go out for a smoke. Even though these are little things, they can add up and unfortunately  make a difference between life and death.

Critical Path Solutions will look at any security incidents your facility has faced, how they were dealt with and assess if anything could have been done differently to have achieved a better outcome. We provide the most up-to-date training for all types of threats, including active shooter threats, threats from natural disasters and all types of emergency situations.