of Operations

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

Regardless of what type of business you’re in, you must have a plan in place to ensure continuity of operations. Without this, your company could become enmeshed in disarray or even chaos to the level of which it may never recover. Critical Path Solutions can help you develop a continuity of operations plan as part of your company’s emergency preparedness plan.

A continuity of operations plan can vary widely depending upon the type of business you operate.

Public-Private Entities

Government and municipal departments usually have their own continuity plans, as do private businesses, but what about the hybrid public-private partnerships such as a city’s subway system? These are unusual entities because they are not truly public, but at the same time, any disruption to the continuity of operations could easily spell disaster for the city and its people.

For that reason, entities that serve the public have a responsibility to develop and put in place a continuity of operations plan.

Private Businesses

What is most at risk with a private business in a disaster preparedness situation is loss of income. While your business may serve the public, either through sales of goods and services or in another way, the impact on this type of business will mostly be felt by owners or shareholders. It is these two groups that are most motivated to put a continuity of operations plan into place to preserve the company’s value and reputation.

Critical Path Solutions can help your private company with a disaster preparedness plan that includes a blueprint for continuity of operations.


At a nonprofit, the goal of emergency preparedness is more to protect the mission of the organization rather than any monetary entity. Nonprofits may be responsible for providing critical services to the public such as medical care, food and shelter. Here, it’s gravely important to have a continuity of operations plan in place so that these services are not disturbed in the event of an emergency.

All businesses, public or private, should have a continuity of operations plan in place as part of their disaster preparedness strategy to protect the mission and the value of the organization. Depend on Critical Path Solutions for help in developing your continuity of operations plan.