of Government

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

In an emergency, continuity of government can mean the difference between life and death. Any governmental body that is not properly prepared to respond in a disaster runs the risk of collapse, or worse. No governmental body is too small for a continuity of government plan. Consult with Critical Path Solutions for help and advice designing your continuity of government plan.

The U.S. federal government’s continuity of government plan is detailed and specific. Many people are aware of the presidential order of succession, starting with the vice president followed by the speaker of the House, the president pro-tem, and the secretary of state, then treasury, then defense and so on.

Every governmental body needs a plan of succession to preserve continuity of government, from the biggest city to the smallest hamlet. Whether it is written into your bylaws or you’re starting from scratch, making a clear continuity of government plan that everyone can understand is crucial to the operation of your municipality.

Regardless of what type of emergency your area faces, your citizens are counting on their government to lead them. You must have emergency preparedness plans for all possible disaster scenarios to get everyone through the challenging time, and a continuity of government plan to ensure leadership is in place for regrouping and rebuilding.

Critical Path Solutions can help your governmental body with disaster preparedness and emergency preparedness strategies as well as continuity of government plans. Being prepared helps you and your constituents stay safer.