Situation Solutions

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

At Critical Path Solutions, we make sure you’re ready for the unthinkable by helping your organization with create a disaster preparedness plan.

Today, we face threats from so many different origins. None can be overlooked. In order to protect our employees, our customers, our teachers, our children, our parishioners and everyone inside of all our buildings, we must expect the unexpected.

Active Shooter Preparedness

Having an active shooter plan should be part of any organization’s emergency preparedness. Critical Path Solutions runs active shooter training for churches and active shooter training for schools as well as for businesses, organizations and governmental facilities.

Continuity of Operations

Whether you run a for-profit business, a private company or a public-private partnership, you must have a continuity of operations plan in place to preserve your company’s value and to protect the people your organization serves.

Critical Path Solutions can help your organization design a plan that will safeguard your organization, its leadership, employees, clients and more.

Continuity of Government

Regardless of the size of your municipality, you must have a continuity of government plan in place as part of your emergency preparedness strategy. Citizens rely on their government in times of emergency, whether that emergency is a natural disaster, terrorist attack, blackout or another type of disaster.

But if your leaders are incapacitated and you have no continuity of government plan, you may be left with infighting, chaos and worse. Work with Critical Path Solutions to prepare an unassailable continuity of government plan.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes — all types of natural disasters can spell catastrophe for your state, city or town. It is a municipality’s duty to its citizens to design an emergency preparedness plan for each scenario. Rely on the experienced emergency preparedness team at Critical Path Solutions to guide you through this critically important process.