Response Planning

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

The more detailed your disaster preparedness plans are, the better your outcome will be. Our job at Critical Path Solutions is to assess your risk of disaster, then help you craft emergency preparedness plans intended to preserve life and property.

Research shows that proper planning and training for emergencies helps mitigate negative results. However, any breakdown in the preparedness chain can mean serious consequences — even death.  

For the best chance at surviving a catastrophe or a natural disaster, have a detailed, thorough emergency response plan in place. The team at Critical Path Solutions helps government organizations,  agencies, and businesses craft complete and comprehensive disaster preparedness plans that protect employees, clients, and anyone in the building.

Emergency Preparedness

Unforeseen threats can occur at any time.  Gang members could move into your area and present a threat of violence as well as extortion. Militant, subversive, or otherwise dangerous groups could form in your area and make terrorist threats against buildings, such as we saw with the  Oklahoma City bombing.

New ways of hacking into computers and stealing data are constantly emerging, making it a priority for your cybersecurity team to be ahead of the game and  keep hackers out.

A big part of emergency preparedness is being ready for such events as an active shooter, a terrorist threat, gang violence, assaults and other threats that come from groups and individuals rather than weather or accidents.

Natural Disasters

Sometimes weather shifts create the need to adjust plans. When the Mississippi River flooded in 1993, it  lasted from April to October. Forty-seven people died, many buildings were destroyed, and damages were estimated at $15 billion. With a flood emergency plan in place that included an efficient evacuation plan, lives might have been saved. It might have been possible to move expensive equipment to higher ground.

The United States regularly experiences many types of natural disasters. Critical Path Solutions teaches clients hurricane safety, how to prepare for an earthquake, what to do in a tornado and how to be safe in other types of storms as well, including blizzards, windstorms, and ice storms as well as building fires and wildfires.

Professional Disaster Consultants

Reviewing emergency plans is an important part of being ready for disasters. Plans that were on target a year or even six months ago may no longer be relevant, and if they aren’t updated, you could be faced with dire consequences.  Structure remodels, equipment changes, even changes to the location of your emergency supplies could all have an impact.

When you are dealing with emergency preparedness planning, it’s important to use a team with experience that you can trust. FEMA’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was a legendary failure.

Many excuses were made, but the bottom line is that FEMA’s lack of communication and planning  stood in the way of others who could have helped.

We have years of experience  and a proven track record helping companies, agencies, facilities, organizations, and others plan for disasters. Not only that, we also offer many types of training for security personnel, teachers, workers and anyone who wants to learn more about disaster preparedness training. The more you know, the better your chances are of surviving, saving others and protecting property.

We urge our clients not to continue to be proactive after they have completed a training with us or a disaster preparedness plan. We instruct them to hold regular drills, review sessions and keep the lessoned they learned fresh in their minds.

Emergency Response Planning

Part of emergency preparedness planning involves continual review, attention, study, teaching and training.

The best way to weather a disaster is to be prepared for anything that comes your way.  Call today and talk to the team here at Critical Path Solutions. We can help you plan, prepare, and mitigate damage from a natural disaster or man-made emergency, and we can show you how you can recover faster and more completely.