Emergency &
Disaster Policies

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

Part of every good disaster preparedness plan is a set of policies that must be followed. Whether you run a company, government agency, school or another type of organization, having policies in place with regard to emergencies and safety is extremely important. Critical Path Solutions can help you set policies that work to protect your employees, students, clients and anyone in your building, as well as your property.

Threat Assessment in Schools

A big policy change in U.S. schools over the years was a security system that kept doors locked to outsiders during the day and required visitors to be buzzed in. This helps prevent all types of violence, including preventing students from other schools, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends and others from simply walking into the school to accost a student, faculty member or anyone inside the school.

Such policies are useful at almost any type of building. Visitors should be required to show identification and state their business before being allowed into your facility. Exceptions would be for retail stores, restaurants and buildings open to the public.

However, many of these types of businesses and buildings employ security guards to help deal with any potential issues surrounding a building’s open access to anyone. These security guards should be fully trained to deal with any type of emergency; you should not rely on their uniform to deter crime or acts of violence.

Targeting Office Policy

Policies for a particular company or building are often related to the type of business conducted there. For instance, government buildings such as courthouses often have armed guards, metal detectors and bag screeners at the entrance. Some convenience stores in high-crime areas put employees behind bulletproof glass. A slot underneath serves as a place to exchange goods and money.

Having security policies in place is not merely a good idea — it’s helpful in a lot of ways. Employees feel safer working in a building with a concierge or security guard who restricts access to the building. Having happier employees translates to less turnover and higher productivity.

Your will enjoy a better reputation in the community if you are obviously diligent about being safe and keeping your employees, clients, students, etc., safe as well.

Cybersecurity at Work

While we focus a lot on physical safety at Critical Path Solutions, the truth is that cyberattacks happen more frequently than personal attacks. That’s because they’re easier to carry out — the perpetrators don’t even have to leave their homes, and if they’re good at what they do, no one will be able to identify them. It’s much more efficient to rob a bank with a computer than in person, with a gun.

For that reason, your company should have regular security audits to ensure that information on your computers and servers is safe from hackers.

Companies, agencies and organizations should also conduct a threat assessment for natural disasters and put policies in place for dealing with them.

For help with emergency planning and disaster preparedness, contact Critical Path Solutions today.