Active Shooter

In a world of uncertainty, be prepared for the unthinkable.

The last thing anyone wants to hear is that an active shooter is on the premises. Whether you’re an employee, manager, customer or visitor in a building, you want to feel safe there. Some buildings are considered more at risk of violence and attack than others, but none is immune to this type of threat. Be prepared and save lives with active shooter preparedness training from Critical Path Solutions.

Targeting Active Shooter Training

Most people who live in the United States are aware of the elevated risk level at certain establishments or institutions. These include schools, government buildings, news organization headquarters, abortion clinics, places that cater to the LGBTQ community, churches, U.S. Post Offices and others. These types of active shooter situations are often hate crimes, or are committed by disgruntled employees or people struggling with mental challenges.

Shootings are also not uncommon at shopping malls and places young people congregate, often stemming from gang violence or disagreements between individuals or groups.

Many places such as Planned Parenthood, hospitals and courthouses have armed security guards on duty. Although these guards have undoubtedly undergone training, the type of active shooter training Critical Path Solutions provides is targeted not just to your organization, but your individual building.

Active Shooter Preparedness Planning

In our active shooter preparedness classes, we go over with your team the personality profiles of the types of active shooters your organization is most likely to encounter and how to deal with them. We also provide you with training for your employees in the building, as well as instructions and strategies for what you should and should not do in an active shooter situation.

These strategies will differ based on location and organization. For instance, our active shooter training for schools might involve locking doors, shutting off lights and sheltering in place, while our active shooter training for churches would employ different tactics.

There has been debate over best practices for escaping an active shooter, especially after the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016, when patrons hiding in the restrooms were unable to run or hide from the shooter. We teach your team exactly what to do when an active shooter emergency arises.

Active Shooter Drills

Per request, Critical Path Solutions will organize and run active shooter training drills at your building, or we can instruct you in how to organize and run these on your own.  Active shooter training drills are invaluable to police, security teams and others in charge of keeping people safe. They are also extremely useful for schools, college campuses and other places where non-security personnel may have to provide leadership and instruction in an emergency.


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The possibility that an active shooter could infiltrate
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Your job is to protect your employees, your clients, your students
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